Announcing October 29th 2016 Performance

In the Spirit of Tommy and the Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Devil and Billy Shake - a Rock Opera 

New show schedule announced, Saturday, October 29th 2016.

One Night Only!

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Featuring Brian Maes and a new Devil, Nick David.


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Pictures from the Devil and Billy Shake

October 29th, 2016 Cast at the Lynn Auditorium

The Production Thanks

The Devil and Billy Shake is supported in part by a grant from the Lynn Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the
 Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency. 



The Backstory

Rock-N- Roll is not dead and neither is Billy Shake's unbreakable spirit! 

This musical powerhouse is fueled by some of New England's top voices: 

Brian Maes, Nick David, and Marybeth Maes. 

It tells the story of Billy Shake's journey into Satan’s world, his confrontation with the Devil, 

and the ultimate choice he makes based on surprising revelations about his past. 

A rock score written by rock musicians, a killer pit orchestra, sexy Demonettes, 

a love story mystery, and timeless tale of good and evil 

that guarantees you will be laughing and crying at 

The Devil and Billy Shake Rock Opera.

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Buy your tickets for the Saturday, October 29th performance, online or by phone. (You can avoid fees by phoning in your ticket requests.) 781 599 (SHOW) 7469 or online at


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